I’m in a Bad Mood!

Moodiness is a part of everyone’s life. Sometimes we feel happy, other times we are sad. Some days we have a lot of energy, while at other times we may be fatigued and unmotivated. When moods begin to interfere or hurt our relationships, our sense of self, or our productivity at school, work or home, it may be time to search for help. Moods can be pervasive, lasting weeks or months as does depression, for example. Moods can be acute and overwhelming, but last just a moment (anger, anxiety, etc.).
Sometimes our physical sensations are the best and first sign of our mood. Most folks, when angry, feel an increase in their heart rate, an elevation of adrenalin, tightness in muscles, and an urge to shout or lash out. When sad, our eyes become moist and there is a heaviness that descends on us. When anxious, our thoughts race and our body becomes restless. Recognizing your physical manifestations of mood can be an important step in then coping with your moods.
There are a variety of effective techniques and strategies to cope with moods. Often, just a few visits with a counselor can be useful in helping you to identify troubling moods and create new techniques for helping you tolerate, even make use of, your many moods.

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