Colors of Autumn – Unmask Your Hidden Wonder

Green leaves contain a pigment known as chlorophyll. During Spring and Summer, chlorophylls’ green color masks the colors of any other pigments in the leaf. As daylight hours shorten and temperatures cool, the chlorophyll begins to degrade and the hidden leaf pigments of bright yellow, orange and red are unmasked!
A similar phenomena functions in you. As we mature into adulthood, replacing our inner child with ambitions and goals, we can mask core aspects of our being (creativity, a sense of awe, a freedom of being). Is there an artist, an activist, a good friend, or engaging person waiting to be revealed in you? In counseling, the focus isn’t always on what ails us. Often, meeting with a counselor can be about living as fully and vibrantly as we can. A renewed discovery of passion, joy, and awe often results, bringing out your true and wonderful colors.

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