About Swisher Mediation – A Leading Family Mediation Firm in Ellicott City

Dr. Tom Swisher began his legal career as a litigator in 1987. Interested in finding alternative ways to help couples resolve divorce issues, Dr. Swisher opened a Dispute Resolution center in Ellicott City MD and was joined by several retired judges. Recognizing that separation and divorce were highly stressful, Dr. Swisher began studies in counseling at Loyola University where he obtained a Masters and then a PH.D with honors. His dissertation research on “Adaptation to Stress Associated with Divorce” involved over 500 participants who were measured on the following constructs: Personality, Coping, Spirituality, Religiosity, Stress Related Growth, Satisfaction with Life, and Adaptation to Stress. Results of his research have been widely published in both national and international peer review journals.

Dr. Swisher and The Resolution Center have assisted families throughout Maryland by offering confidential and affordable, solutions-focused mediation, legal arbitration and family counseling. Using Dr. Swisher as your mediator, you can:

Save Thousands of Dollars
Avoid the Stress, Delays & Costs of Litigation
Maintain Control of the Outcome of Your Own Case
Meet in a Private, Comfortable Setting
Have Ample Opportunity to Review & Revise Agreements before
Develop a Unique Parenting & Separation Agreement which Meets
Your Needs and Those of Your Children through CHILD FOCUSED

Participants in mediation work together to produce an outcome to issues associated with separation and divorce. You will meet with Dr. Swisher who is a Licensed Attorney and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

We will create a comprehensive list of topics to discuss and Dr. Swisher will facilitate a professional discussion which is Solution Focused.

The cost of mediation is a small fraction of the costs of litigation. Agreements can be reached in days instead of months or years.

You will not sign the final agreement without unrestricted opportunities to review and revise drafts and to seek separate legal review before signing.

Acknowledged by the Courts & the Bar
Supported by Mental Health Experts
Child Focused
Solution Focused
Family Conflict is Reduced & Cooperative Parenting Emphasized
Mediation is now one of the fastest growing areas of law in the
country. In Maryland, parties to litigation who have not tried
mediation are often Court Ordered into mediation. Using mediation
before litigation can save you thousands of dollars and months of


Maryland Mediation
Family Law Counseling Services

The mediator’s role is to encourage communication, to help identify common interests and values, to clarify communication and review legal guidelines, while avoiding confusing legal terminology when possible. Our expert mediation helps Maryland families during rough times, by reinforcing cooperative behavior and keeping the focus on solutions, parenting and the children. We help you explore all the options. You retain control of the outcome, not a judge or attorney. We’ll make suggestions and draft the final agreement which you can review and revise until it meets your specific needs.